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Michael V. Shepherd, Jr.



Speaker, Fashion Prodigy, Designer, Mentor and Activist!

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 16-year-old entrepreneur, motivational speaker and writer.  March 26, 2002 in Winston-Salem, NC, Michael's inspiration to achieve the impossible is inspired by his mother and father who were both entrepreneurs when Michael as young.  Michael's mother is the owner of Tillman & Associates and insurance company for the last 15 years. Michael's mother worked hard to provide a  private school education for Michael and his sister Micha,


Michael currently attends Woodlawn School in Davidson, NC. He is set to graduate from High School in 2020 an honor student who is very involved in the educational and cultural development of his school. Michael plans pep rallies and leads grades kindergarten through 12th in team building activities, a a straight A Student who also has evolved creative abilities including playing the violin; along with being an avid athlete; Michael plays basketball and AAU baseball for Team Carolina in Indian Trail, NC. But, the area that Michael thrives in is fashion.  At a very young age Michael dressed up and looked good for the very minimalist occasions. As he grew his interest in fashion developed into a entrepreneurial mindset and Michael's interest  became  selling men's accessories along with men and boys apparel.  


Michael's slogan is "dress to impress" and his desire is to create a formal clothing line that allows boys and young men to be able to dress just as stylish as older men.  Not only is Michael interested in the image of men and boys, but he also wants to influence young men by coaching them in business, finance and professional etiquette. Ultimately Michael says, " by be coming a mogul now, I can return the favor to my Mother who has sacrificed for me". 

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